To effectively manage its investments, preferably in small and midsized projects in the infrastructure sector, to obtain the best financial returns and contribute directly to local development.

Principles and Values

Focus on the client

INFRA Asset Management works to forge lasting relationships based on trust with its clients and partners to constantly generate value for their businesses.

Ethics and Transparency

INFRA‘s activities in its asset management operations and at its investee companies are guided by the best practice of management and corporate governance and by high standards of ethics and transparency.

Operational excellence and capacity

INFRA cultivates and values a team of highly experienced professionals with technical expertise to offer the best quality products and services to its shareholders.

Valuing of human capital

INFRA’s success is intrinsically linked to the success of its professionals. The company highly values its professionals by recognizing and respecting their individuality and skills, and works with them to ensure their realization and growth as professionals.

Social and environmental responsibility

INFRA allocates its investments in a committed and responsible manner after employing ample diligence to mitigate social and environmental risks and ensure local development.