INFRA views the characteristic needs of the environmental sanitation sector in Brazil as investment and development opportunities in the infrastructure sector. INFRA Saneamento FIP invests in water, sewage, treatment of industrial effluents and energy efficiency services projects in both the operational and pre-operational stages.

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Companhia Nacional de Saneamento

The group‘s holding company, CONASA, plays an active role in managing investee companies and is responsible for new business development.

Águas de Itapema

Full concession (water and sewage) for 25 years (until 2029) in Itapema, a city with a population of 44,000 in the state of Santa Catarina.

Águas de Santo Antônio

Water concession for 30 years (until 2035) in Santo Antônio de Pádua, a city with a population of 34,000 located in northwestern Rio de Janeiro, 160 miles from the state capital.


Concession lasting 25 years (until 2032) for sewage treatment in Salto, a city with a population of 106,000 in São Paulo state.


Company that offers environmental solutions to the industrial sector, with units in Salto (São Paulo), Itapema (Santa Catarina) and Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro).
Revenue in 2014: R$3.4 million

Águas de Meriti

Concession lasting 30 years for sewage collection in São João do Meriti, a city with a population of 460,000 in Rio de Janeiro state.


One of the five largest providers of public lighting services: supply and installation of lighting equipment for streets and public buildings, operation and maintenance of networks and energy efficiency programs.


Environmental consulting and strategy company focusing on environmental licensing and investigation, waste management, remediation of contaminated areas and forestry engineering. The company has mapped some R$1 billion in opportunities in large environmental projects to be executed over the coming years.