INFRA Asset Management is an asset management company specializing in private-equity funds that invest in infrastructure projects.

The projects in which INFRA invests seek not only to create value for its shareholders, but also to act responsibly with a view to improving Brazil‘s energy, sanitation and logistics infrastructure.

To ensure the success of these projects‘ operation, INFRA participates in all project stages through active management and a presence and representation at the investee companies in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance.

INFRA currently has approximately R$ 700 million in assets under management.

  • Founding of INFRA Asset Management.
  • Inception of the private-equity fund ENERGIA PCH FIP.
  • The investee Águas de Itapema wins the 25-year concession (2004 to 2029) for the collection, treatment and distribution of water and the collection and treatment of sewage in Itapema, Santa Catarina.
  • ENERGIA PCH FIP acquires an 89.9% interest in the Juruena Project for the construction of five small hydroelectric plants (SHP) on the Juruena River in the state of Mato Grosso.
  • The investee Águas de Santo Antônio wins the 30-year concession (2005 to 2035) for the collection, treatment and distribution of water in Santo Antônio de Pádua, Rio de Janeiro.
  • ENERGIA PCH FIP: Construction begins on the SHPs of the Juruena Project in Mato Grosso.
  • Conclusion of construction and start of the 25-year concession (2007 to 2032) of the investee SANESALTO for sewage treatment and sanitation services in Salto, São Paulo.
  • Energia PCH FIP invests in DESAs – Térmica e Garças for the construction of 11 SHPs and one thermal power plant in the state of Santa Catarina.
  • Creation of SC Parcerias Ambiental, a joint venture to invest in environmental sanitation projects.
  • Inauguration of the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Station in the Salto region of São Paulo by the investee Sanetrat.
  • Commissioning of five SHPs in Mato Grosso by the investee Juruena Participações.
  • Inception of the private-equity fund INFRA Saneamento FIP.
  • Inception of the real estate investment fund INFRA Real Estate FII.
  • The investee SANESUL wins the 30-year concession (2013 to 2043) for sewage collection services in São João do Meriti, Rio de Janeiro.
  • The investee Urbeluz signs Brazil‘s first public-private partnership (PPP) for the provision of lighting services for streets and public buildings.
  • INFRA assumes management of the Technology Fund, with the inception of the private-equity fund Infratec FIP. The fund‘s investees include:
  • Bebê Store, the largest e-commerce store for baby products and the market leader in Brazil.
  • Kekanto, the largest e-commerce store for baby products and the market leader in Brazil.
  • Widbook, a literary social network for reading, writing and publishing books.