INFRA Asset Management is an asset management company specializing in private-equity funds that invest in infrastructure projects.

The projects in which INFRA invests seek not only to create value for its shareholders, but also to act responsibly with a view to improving Brazil‘s energy, sanitation and logistics infrastructure.

To ensure the success of these projects‘ operation, INFRA participates in all project stages through active management and a presence and representation at the investee companies in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance.

INFRA currently has approximately R$ 700 million in assets under management.

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  • Founding of INFRA Asset Management.

  • Inception of the private-equity fund ENERGIA PCH FIP.

    The investee Águas de Itapema wins the 25-year concession (2004 to 2029) for the collection, treatment and distribution of water and the collection and treatment of sewage in Itapema, Santa Catarina.

  • ENERGIA PCH FIP acquires an 89.9% interest in the Juruena Project for the construction of five small hydroelectric plants (SHP) on the Juruena River in the state of Mato Grosso.

    The investee Águas de Santo Antônio wins the 30-year concession (2005 to 2035) for the collection, treatment and distribution of water in Santo Antônio de Pádua, Rio de Janeiro.

  • ENERGIA PCH FIP: Construction begins on the SHPs of the Juruena Project in Mato Grosso.

  • Conclusion of construction and start of the 25-year concession (2007 to 2032) of the investee SANESALTO for sewage treatment and sanitation services in Salto, São Paulo.

  • Energia PCH FIP invests in DESAs - Térmica e Garças for the construction of 11 SHPs and one thermal power plant in the state of Santa Catarina.

  • Creation of SC Parcerias Ambiental, a joint venture to invest in environmental sanitation projects.

  • Inauguration of the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Station in the Salto region of São Paulo by the investee Sanetrat.

  • Commissioning of five SHPs in Mato Grosso by the investee Juruena Participações.

    Inception of the private-equity fund INFRA Saneamento FIP.

  • Inception of the real estate investment fund INFRA Real Estate FII.

    The investee SANESUL wins the 30-year concession (2013 to 2043) for sewage collection services in São João do Meriti, Rio de Janeiro.

  • The investee Urbeluz signs Brazil‘s first public-private partnership (PPP) for the provision of lighting services for streets and public buildings.

    INFRA assumes management of the Technology Fund, with the inception of the private-equity fund Infratec FIP. The fund‘s investees include:

    Bebê Store, the largest e-commerce store for baby products and the market leader in Brazil.

    Kekanto, the largest e-commerce store for baby products and the market leader in Brazil.

    Widbook, a literary social network for reading, writing and publishing books.

    Zarpo, the first private travel club in Brazil and Latin America.


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